Who is ‘SHE’? With Special Guest Eden Amadora

In this episode Eden and I explore the topic of the Great Mother, how to connect with her to more deeply embody your purpose, greater love, and more self awareness. Eden shares her personal journey of soul initiation on a path of divine feminine embodiment and unveils patriarchal spells that have kept humanity in separation and limitation. She offers transmissions around sacred geometry, the history of religion eradicating the goddess, how to have fierce compassion with boundaries, and navigating the great global changes we are in… plus special song transmission at the very end! Relax, and enjoy 🙂

1 thought on “Who is ‘SHE’? With Special Guest Eden Amadora”

  1. Naia, thank you so much for your wonderful work! I love the podcast and the way you empower women ❤ Yoir podcast guests are so inspiring too! And you are so so beautiful! I will definitely keep on listening and sharing 😊🤗

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