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Deep Dive Session Exchange: Flower-of-Life Akashic Session, with Tara Preston

I am delighted to introduce you to Tara Preston and her work! This is the 1st session in a 2 part series, where Tara and I exchange deep dive sessions, in our own methods. In this first episode, Tara facilitates a powerful Flower of life Akashic Session for me, where I get to unearth and clear deep subconscious blocks to embodying the next level of my purpose. Together we discover …

Deep Dive Session Exchange: Flower-of-Life Akashic Session, with Tara Preston Listen Now »

Embodying the Warrior Queen ~ with Nehanda Imana

In this episode we dismantle the ‘false queen’, and the ‘false warrioress’ archetypes to ignite the remembrance of how to harness great power, service and leadership, with great humility, compassion and forgiveness. How to be a sovereign woman fighting for justice, yet from place of love, equality and integration. We get to hear about Nehanda’s journey of embodiment through her dark nights of initiation and healing.

Who is ‘SHE’? With Special Guest Eden Amadora

In this episode Eden and I explore the topic of the Great Mother, how to connect with her to more deeply embody your purpose, greater love, and more self awareness. Eden shares her personal journey of soul initiation on a path of divine feminine embodiment and unveils patriarchal spells that have kept humanity in separation and limitation. She offers transmissions around sacred geometry, the history of religion eradicating the goddess, …

Who is ‘SHE’? With Special Guest Eden Amadora Listen Now »

Why SheTemple, Why Now?

This has been brewing for  long time and I am delighted to share the very beginning with you.  In this very first episode, I share about what SheTemple means to me,  and how I seek to create this space as a version of a virtual temple,  and why these places are so needed in the world right now. I explore our key themes of soul, sex and leadership and how …

Why SheTemple, Why Now? Listen Now »

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