A Modern-day Virtual Temple-Space

Heading: Just for women...
SheTemple is a movement of Modern-day virtual, and non-virtual temple spaces that merge spirituality, sexuality, sisterhood and leadership. SheTemple is focused on supporting multicultural and multigenerational sisterhood, empowering women with a sense of spiritual and social belonging, and the resources to support thriving of soulful feminine leadership in the world.
Heading - We Rise Stronger Together

SheTemple is a collective of driven

Heading - Modern-day Priestesses

reclaiming their role on the planet at this time.

At its core, SheTemple is a sacred and multi-functioning space that supports entrepreneurs, healers and artists in their craft. It is designed for women to get inspired, to heal, connect, and submerse in evolutionary feminine education.

It is a growing, international online platform that now hosts online immersions, the SheTemple podcast, a Facebook group, and will soon be growing into an international membership collective and beyond.

Heading - SheTemple: 3 Month Virtual Immersion
The days of silence and self-sacrifice are over, as women are reclaiming a new and yet ancient connection with their feminine power.
Heading - Meet The Founder
A photo of Naia Leigh

Naia founded SheTemple as the central pillar in her mission to create sacred space for women to reunite, heal, and empower one another to be all that they are in the Modern Age.

Naia is devoted to the New Feminine Leadership Revolution, and sees the wounds of an archaic patriarchal system to be at the core root of what causes the imbalance in power structures we see in the world today.

She founded Boundless Method and has been working with women from all over the world for the past 6 years to heal and rise into their brightest and boldest feminine expression.

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