Naia Leigh

About the Founder

Naia founded SheTemple as the central pillar in her mission to create sacred space for women to reunite, heal, and empower one another to be all that they are in the Modern Age.

Naia is devoted to the New Feminine Leadership Revolution, and sees the wounds of an archaic patriarchal system to be at the core root of what causes the imbalance in power structures we see in the world today.

Naia founded Boundless Method and has been working with women from all over the world for the past 6 years to heal and rise into their brightest and boldest feminine expression.

She has in-depth experience in uncovering and transforming the collective subconscious programming and helping women to connect with their deepest core essence, and purpose as women.

She believes in a more beautiful world, that thrives on a foundation of gender equity and reverence for the sacred-feminine, in all things.

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